keeping the right and exploring the "new" gravity -欧洲杯线上买球

 keeping the right and exploring the "new" gravity -欧洲杯线上买球 
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keeping the right and exploring the "new" gravity


from april 15th to 19th, the first phase of the 135th china import and export fair (hereinafter referred to as the "canton fair") was successfully held. " chinas no.1 exhibition" showcased the "attraction" of thousands of merchants and the "centripetal force" of linking the world with new products and technologies, which attracted much attention.

in this exhibition, ruirong has two exhibition areas, the 20.2 general machinery pavilion and the 15.3 new energy pavilion, which display a series of high-quality and new products, such as submersible pumps, submersible motors, sewage pumps, solar water pump systems, marine and land dual-purpose pumps, and mining sand pumps. ruirong has attracted wide attention from global merchants and media with its leading submersible pump system solutions and "intelligent" manufacturing innovative technology in china. the scene was very popular, a number of exhibitors were enthusiastic in negotiation, and they came to appreciate the style of made in china.

▶20.2 general machinery pavilion ruirong pump industry booth ◀

▶15.3 new energy pavilion ruirong pump industry booth ◀

keeping up with the new, pursuing innovation and high quality

ruirong not only displays high-efficiency and energy-saving pump products, but also pays close attention to the solutions for leading innovation in the field of fluids and cross-border technology enabling the optimization of the industrial chain. our company is committed to focusing on high-quality and cost-effective innovation achievements, demonstrating the brands strong independent research and development strength and scientific and technological innovation and intelligent manufacturing capabilities.

▶zou deqing, secretary-general of jiangmen chamber of commerce for import and export, and wu junjie, deputy secretary-general, visited the booth for exchange and guidance ◀

innovation-driven: exploring the "new" gravity

focusing on the theme design of new technologies and business formats, ruirong is committed to breaking through technological boundaries and empowering the digital economy through "energy conservation, environmental protection, and high efficiency". our company adheres to the leading investment in digitalization, lean, green, intelligent and cross-border, accurately connecting the needs of smart water and sustainable development, and focusing on product updates, iterations, and optimization and upgrading of solutions. the world brand "mastra" shares the achievements of innovation around the world and constantly glows with the style of the new era.

relying on the intelligent manufacturing power of the whole industry chain, ruirong will continue to explore and exceed the expectations of the market and users with higher quality pump products and fluid control solutions, and create a greener, intelligent and win-win future.