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promoting company harmony and creating a better tomorrow


in march, the grass grows and the birds fly. in this vibrant season, the international women’s day in 2022 has arrived as scheduled.

mastra pump celebrates the international women’s day in a most traditional way to express love for its female staff in mastra family. our company issued a luxury practical gift package for 118 female staff to make them really feel the humanistic care of the company.

nowadays, women play an indispensable role in various industries and fields. although women do not have the advantages that men have in physical strength, they can play their strengths and avoid their weaknesses. mastra women family members in each position are always active in their work.

(the mastra gift package)

(mastra family members get their gift package in an orderly manner, and the scene is full of laughter and happiness.)

(families take phone with gifts)

in this big family of mastra pump, we have such a group of independent, self-esteem, constructive ladies. their efforts to make our companys daily work can be carried out smoothly; their efforts have created a good working atmosphere in our company. their contributions build a harmonious company culture!

mr.chen guorong, chairman of the board of directors, sends his best wishes to mastra female family members on wechat. he wishes the female family members of mastra pump a happy festival, good health and family harmony. he firmly believes that the female family members of mastra will progress together with mastra pump in future, developing together and creating a better tomorrow!